The Etgar Handbook

The Etgar Handbook aims to cover most of the basic information that a young literate Jewish person should know.

It can be roughly divided into the following components:

  • The Jewish Calendar – Days of the Week, Shabbat, Festivals, Fasts and Special Days.
  • Jewish History – Tannaim, Amoraim, Rishonim and Acharonim.
  • Israel – Map, Jerusalem, Key Historical Figures & Events
  • Jewish Texts – including Tanach and Mishnah
  • Mitzvot – Kashrut, Shabbat, Charity, Saving Lives.
  • Brachot – before and after food, and other brachot for special events.
  • Numbers and Gematriah – basic mastery.
  • The Temple – the contents of the Mishkan and Priestly Garments